Proper excuses for being late to work

Need a real excuse? Try one of these! I’m not going to say whether they were real or not, but what I will say is that at least one of them is, and they have all been used with positive results!

1. The police were doing door-to-door enquiries down my street. There have been a spate of burglaries where people’s garden sheds have been broken in to. I had to answer a load of questions.

If you’re going to use this excuse, make sure the reason for the door-to-door enquiries isn’t really serious, like a murder. That would be on the news and therefore searchable. Best stick with the burglaries or some cats going missing.

2. I had to take my other half to A & E in the night. He had a fit in the night and fell off the bed, whacking his head on the bedside table. I thought he was concussed. When I spoke to the NHS helpline, they recommended that I took him in immediately.

For this you will have to send a message or two throughout the night. Perhaps just before you go to bed, and then set your alarm about an hour early. If you had to leave the house at 11pm and didn’t get home until 5.30am, can you really be expected to function at work? Hey presto you’ve just bagged yourself a day working from home and a nice lay in.

3. I bought some new running insoles and they caused bad blisters, which burst while I was still running. Now they’re continuously weeping so I can’t put shoes on.
With this one, you might have to put some plasters or dressings on for a few days once you go back. A bit of a hobble wouldn’t go amiss either. Also worth remembering that you will most likely have to work from home with this one so you won’t get out of doing any work. But at least you can stay in your pyjamas all day and order a pizza.

4. I have an appointment with the skin clinic.

For this I had an initial consultation, three full appointments, and then a follow up appointment.
Not quite a day off or being late, but five early home times, which are always welcomed. Also, this shouldn’t draw any questions because what boss is weird enough to ask about a skin condition?

5. I was walking through Paddington Station when I spotted a blind person having difficulties. I offered my help and ended up going with them to the ticket office and then made sure they got on the right train to their destination.

Who would be mad at someone who was late because they were helping someone in need?

What excuses have you come up with for being late to work? Any you thought were really good but ended up backfiring? We would love to hear them all!


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