Perks of the Job

Yes, there are some, believe it or not!!

A boss of mine once asked me to book him and his wife a couple of Eurostar tickets so he could take her for their anniversary. I made myself £7.63 by booking via Top Cashback. This is a brilliant site – I’ve been using it for a couple of months and I’ve made about £40. I know assistants who get asked to book personal stuff all the time and make over £100 a month! Flowers for the girl who just had a baby, personal holidays, car hires, birthday presents. You name it! You can also use it for all your own stuff as well – every retailer you could possibly want is on there. I’d recommend this site a million times over.

This is a screenshot from my own personal Top CashBack account:

It really works! One piece of advice I would give though, was some advice given to me. Always, always transfer the funds into your bank account as soon as they’re ready (can take time to be approved by the retailer). If Top Cashback was to go bust, you wouldn’t get any of the money you have stored up. Also, I’d recommend using the BACS transfer over PayPal due to the fees associated with PayPal. I do it this way and have not had any problems, however if you’re concerned then use PayPal for the security.

The equivalent site in the US (so I’m told is Big Crumbs. Again, another site that lets you earn money with everything you buy.

Boss travelling? Got a little bit of spare time?

Earn some extra cash by getting paid to write articles. Chances are, if you’re a PA, you’re having to draft correspondence, presentations etc so you’re likely to be pretty good at writing. Sometimes, if my boss is travelling (this works well if they’re in a completely different time zone), I’ll have a little bit of time at the beginning or end of the day to spare so I’ll try and crank out an article or a blog post. People always need some help when it comes to writing so why not step up and make some cash from it! You can even do it on the train home! is where I’m signed up and it really is very good.

Do you speak any other languages?

One of my friends does, and earns some extra cash by translating documents online. It’s so easy (for her – I don’t speak anything other than English!!) and I’ve seen her make a couple of hundred pounds in just one month! Obviously she’s sometimes too busy to make anything, but during quiet periods, it can be quite lucrative.


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